E-Pass Registration

Click here to apply e-Pass for Air Passenger


Please Note:-

1) Registration by passengers is mandatory at least 2/3 day prior to the date of travel

2) e-Pass shall be issued by the District Administration, Senapati which will be sent by

(a) SMS through the registered mobile number and

(b) eMail of the applicant.

3) A soft/hard copy of the e-Pass should be kept while travelling and must be shown to the security personnel before leaving the Airport premises

4) Upon arrival at Senapati, the soft/hard copy of the e-Pass should also be shown to the officials/security detailed at Mini Stadium, Senapati

5) Returnees/family members may also contact the following officials for further information/assistance(if required):

(a) Shri N.Leisan, MCS, SDO, Senapati – 7005839979

(b) Shri Lunguiba Thangal, MCS, SDO, Willong – 7005199574