Administrative Setup of Senapati District

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) as the administrative head of district, is supported by ADM/ADC, AC, SDC Headquarter and other SDCs who are sectional heads like development, revenue and relief etc. The DC is also the District Magistrate. For administrative works, the DC is supported by the Sub-Divisional Officers at the sub-division level. For maintaining Law and Order, the Superintendent of Police (SP) Senapati, co-ordinates the DC.

The present administrative structure is as follows:

  • Deputy Commissioner Office, Senapati District
    1. Deputy Commissioner/District Magistrate, Senapati
    2. Additional Deputy Commissioner(ADC), Senapati
    3. Assistant Commissioner(AC), Senapati
    4. SDC Headquarter, Senapati
    5. Other SDC(s), Senapati
  • Subdivisional Heads
    1. Subdivisional Officer, Mao Maram
    2. Subdivisional Officer, Paomata
    3. Subdivisional Officer, Purul
    4. Subdivisional Officer, Willong
    5. Subdivisional Officer, Chilivai-Phaibung
    6. Subdivisional Officer, SongSong
    7. Subdivisional Officer, Lairouching