District Industries Centre

 Activities taken up under District Industries Centre (DIC), Senapati


The District Industries Centre, Senapati was established/Inaugurated on 20th October, 1980. This centre has continuously taken up the following projects:


b) LBI and

c) Make in Manipur

A)  PMEGP: – This project was started in the year 2009 till date. Achievement for the year 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 respectively are given below:

B)  Achievement of LBI at Senapati DIC

Livelihood Business Incubator (LBI), Senapati was established in the year 2016. It was inaugurated by Shri Kalraj Mishra, Hon’ble Minister, MSME, Government of India on 8th April, 2016.

The Project was launched as part of the Make in Manipur mission with a vision to generate employment in the state of Manipur particularly amongst the educated unemployed youth; and the LBIs will play a pivotal role.

As directed by the then Commissioner(C Et I), the LBI has been established in the premises of InTouch Naturals Private Limited, Mao in public private Partnership Mode Et a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed and registered in the Office of Sub-Registrar, Tadubi. However, the LBI equipments are

yet to function or conduct any training, processing, packaging or other post-harvest management activities due to the lack of funding.


Honey Processing Unit: Installation done during late February 2017. However, as there is no packaging equipment, the unit has not attracted existing bee keepers for usage of the facilities. Hence

i) Packaging units need to be provided.

ii) Sufficient raw materials need to be generated by encouraging/supporting families for epi-culture (bee-keeping) among unemployed youth and women entrepreneurs through support from DRDA, KVIC, Department of Horticulture, Bee Board, NABARD, etc

iii) As the DIC is not equipped yet for training farmers in bee keeping linkages with the appropriate line departments needs to take up such activities.


Stevia Dehydration Unit: Installation is not complete as some machinery parts are yet to be supplied by the concern agency and hence, not functional.

i) Some farmers have started cultivating stevia.

ii) Very limited support/loans were provided by Banks for cultivation of stevia and most Banks were not supportive/forth coming.


–     SBI Senapati                     – 2 acres a farmers)

–     SBI Maram                        – 8 acres i8 farmers)

–     SBI Lairouching               – 7 acres 15 farmers)

–     SBI Tadubi                         – 37.5 acres i15 farmers)

–     SBI Mao                             – New Branch

–     UBI Senapati                    – 12 acres (12 farmers)

–     UBI Mao                            – 4 acres 44 farmers)

–     CBI Senapati                   – Nil

–     HDFC Bank Senapati      – Nil

–     UCO Bank Senapati       – Nil


iii) Coordinates  effortswith various agencies need to be established for production of raw materials and need to be prioritised. Expansion of stevia cultivation need to be taken up through various agencies – viz: NMPB/SMPB, NHB/NHM. IWMP (DRDA), Dept. of Horticulture. etc.

Lemon Grass Distillation Plant: Not yet supplied.

Ginger/Turmeric Dehydration Unit: In-stallation not complete. And packaging equipments are not supplied; such pack-aging machines are required for marketing.

Mushroom Spawn Making Unit: Equipment supplied however, installation is not complete and hence, not functional.

Tissue Culture Unit: Equipment supplied however, installation is not complete and hence, not functional.

C) Make in Manipur: Application received for cultivation of Stevia and Lemon Grass were 72 in JLG and 30 in individual.

Target and Sanctioned in Bank Wise of Make in Manipur under D.I.C. Spt. as on 10/12/2017

SL No Name of Bank Target for Stevia Lemon Grass Nos. of Farmers
Stevia Lemon grass Cardamon Turmeric Remarks
1 SBI Senapati 111 2
2 SBI Lairouching 18.75 6
3 SBI Maram 7.25 6
4 SBI Tadubi 50 15
5 HDFC Ltd.Bank,Senapati NIl
6 UBI Mao Nil
7 UBI Senapati Nil 20
8 CBI Bank Senapati Nil
9 UCO Bank Senapati Nil
187 49 Nil Nil

Source: Senapati Calling, 2018