I & PR


Five Publicity Units of Directorate of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) were opened in five Hill District Headquarters including Senapati in 1975. The District Publicity Unit was revamped with the opening of District Information Office and appointment of District Information Officer in 1978. It is currently run by a District Information Officer.


Press Release

The District Information Office, Senapati releases Press Notes highlighting activities and achievement of the District Administration, Senapati through mass media. On the other hand, the office also provides latest information of the State Government to the people of the District whenever they seek information from the office.

Senapati Calling

The District Information Office regularly publishes ‘Senapati Calling’ highlighting the activities and achievements of different Government offices in Senapati District on the occasions of Republic Day and Independence Day celebration.

Multi-Media Campaign

Multi Media Campaign on the activities of the Government and Photo Exhibition highlighting the achievements of the Government has been organized by the office to make people living in the hill areas aware about various welfare programmes and schemes.


The District Information Office is running with inadequate staff strength. The office is planning to give media coverage of every Government functions or programmes.